Regardless of which technology has been selected as the most appropriate, a WiFi or DECT survey is arguably the most important aspect of a professional wireless installation. Sadly the ultimate effectiveness of the whole installation is too often compromised because a decision is made to save cost by not having an adequate survey.

A proper, professionally executed, WiFi or DECT site survey ensures that the users have a consistently reliable RF signal as they move throughout a facility. Site surveys and pre survey preparations are essential for:

The optimisation of operational performance in data, voice or video transmissions.

Reduction of radio interference.

Determination of the best location for Access Points.

Identification of any unauthorised or rogue Access Points on the network

Recording the installations planned characteristics prior to installation

Ensuring that the coverage will fulfil the customers expectations

Mapping of nearby alien wireless networks to assess security and interference implications

Fully documenting the result to benchmark for future reference and verification

What is the difference?

DECT or Digital Enhanced (formerly European) Cordless Telecommunications is an ETSI standard for digital portable phones, commonly used for domestic or corporate purposes. DECT can also be used for wireless data  transfers. DECT is recognised by the ITU as fulfilling the IMT-2000 requirements and thus qualifies as a 3G system, as a part of the IMT-2000 group of technologies; DECT is also referred to as IMT-FT (Frequency Time).

WiFi, short for Wireless Fidelity, is a family of standards for wireless networking defined in the IEEE 802.11 specifications, the interoperability of these standards has been tested and endorsed by the WiFi Alliance. WiFi provides a communications network to voice or data devices wirelessly using radio frequency as an alternative to connectivity hardwired network cable.

Survey considerations

The importance of a site WiFi or DECT survey extends from pre-planning through to the install, it is also important to verify the original survey results at the time of commissioning because this is usually some time later and inevitably the site layout or staff locations will have changed.

Is the site and open environment with few solid walls or structures to impede the signal?

Does the building comprise a steel beams structure, reinforced concrete pillars or machinery as these can dramatically reduce the range of WiFi and DECT access points?

Are there other technology and electronic devices – lighting – antennae, satellite dishes, microwave devices – these can all potentially interfere with WiFi or DECT signals?

Will partitions and walls be moved frequently?

What are the anticipated staffing levels?

Does the site utilise retail or warehouse storage units or shelving with a high turnover of stock – full today and empty tomorrow?

Almost regardless of the size of the site, a WiFi or DECT survey is essential in the designing, planning, implementation and subsequent maintenance and support of a wireless data and/or voice network.

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