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At our very core is an extremely cost effective, support, maintenance and repair, field service operation provided by our strategically placed field engineers and technicians.

We offer a wide range of commercial arrangements, the relative costs of which are dictated by the service level agreement (SLA) you require.

Whatever your requirements, we have cost effective solutions ranging from:

Ad Hoc time and material agreements - through to - 1 hour response, 24 hours a day, 365 days year all inclusive contracts covering all information and communications technology (ICT) equipment and systems, anywhere in the World.

Where appropriate we provide permanent site based Dedicated Technicians.

It is our primary goal to deliver the correct engineer - on site - on time - with the correct part - first time - every time.

Diagnostics – we employ a wide range of local & remote diagnostic tools and procedures to ensure that we can deliver the highest possible system availability.

This also enables our support functions to achieve the objective of right engineer with the right part at the right time.

Maintenance - If your Communications & IT systems are business critical you need the reassurance of a maintenance solution that can adequately ensure the highest level of business continuity. This is unlikely to be a single size fits all approach.

If you have a fully converged voice & data system using a server based PBX your very survival is dependent upon having a rapid response technically competent maintenance supplier, that supplier is commplete.

However if you have a department with 75 desktop systems all running identical conventional business systems the loss of an individual system is unlikely to cause any major loss of productivity, in this example use of our collect – repair – return service is probably the most cost effective solution.

Repair – Our workshops provide component level repair facilities to repair and recycle our own and our customers units, regardless of supplier and complexity.

The latest test and analysis equipment ensures a timely repair cycle.

If you would like to discuss your support, maintenance and repair requirements with an organisation that really understands the problem and has the expertise, gained over 30 years, to do something about it,

call us now on 0203 327 0271 or email support@commplete.com

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