In life change is the only constant

We provide a simple, efficient and cost effective Moves, Adds, Changes, Deinstalls & Disposals (MACDD) service.

Moves - when you need ICT technology - PC’s, printers, telephones, servers, etc moved -across the room - across the building - across the Country or across the World.

Our MAC teams have the expertise, and the experience, to bring order to your chaos.

Adds – need an additional unit installed, either from your own stock or supplied by us.

Our MAC teams will undertake the task with no fuss or bother, including any reconfiguration of the telephone and/or network infrastructure.

Changes – Our teams can change, on-site, or if permissible, remotely the configuration of your IT structure, Network or Telephone Systems to facilitate the changing nature of personnel and their responsibilities.

Deinstalls – modern ICT installations are complex and inter-connected it is often the case that systems or even individual components cannot just be unplugged.

Our MAC teams can deinstall even the largest and most complex computer or telephone systems- quickly and efficiently, reducing to a minimum the impact on your business or your customers business.

Disposals – it is no longer possible, socially desirable or legal, to just dump unwanted computer and telephone equipment in the nearest waste bin or skip.

Our MACDD teams remove and dispose of redundant equipment, from a total office clearance to a single unit, in an way that is both environmentally sound and legally correct

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