Your voice and data infrastructure is only as good as its weakest link.

A state of the art telephone system or data network incorrectly cabled will destroy the integrity of the whole project.

We install all cabling systems, both copper and fibre, to the highest standards - guaranteed

If your cabling cannot handle the demands placed upon it, your investment is wasted and your business will suffer.
Remember that at least 50% of network failures are cabling and infrastructure related.

While most organisations change their computer and communications hardware and/or software regularly in response to continuous technology improvements there is a, not unreasonable, expectation that the cabling infrastructure will remain in place for many years.

To achieve this it is essential that the structured cabling system installed is capable of dealing with current needs and known future developments while considering those technologies that until recently were separate. It is now commonplace for a structured cabling system to carry both Voice and Data To survive, let alone prosper, in a constantly changing world it is essential to plan properly and think ahead when deciding upon your choice of cabling installer.

The initial cost will be long forgotten while you, your staff, customers and suppliers enjoy the benefit of a professionally designed, correctly installed, standards compliant structured cabling system, backed by our comprehensive warranty and support, this is the only sure way to protect your investment.

It is a sad fact of life that in a year or two, no one will remember the few percentage points you saved on the installation by cutting a few corners. When the system has failed and the Managing Director or, more likely, the Financial Director, is looking for a scapegoat it is a good idea if you are able to show you selected the best, and, of course, negotiated a reasonable cost.

Whatever your needs, from a simple data network to a campus wide combined Voice & Data infrastructure in conventional copper or fibre optic we have the expertise and experience, we will deliver a cost effective solution - on time – on budget

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