A professional technology survey & audit is required for many reasons.

The majority of surveys we undertake are to ensure the effectiveness of a wireless network, but often we are contracted to either compile or verify a database of technology assets.

Obvious items such as PC’s, laptops, telephone handsets, mobile devices.

Less obvious items – do you actually know what is in your telecommunications room?

Or your data centre? - Sure?

It is perhaps interesting to note that in over 30 years of undertaking technology surveys we have yet to find a single organisation where their existing information was accurate.

Buying a company and need their asset register verified?

It is common practice for the survey to include verification and/or attachment of asset labels.

It is also a convenient time to undertake Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

If its valuable and you need to know or have lost count of how many, where and what -

we can resolve the problem for you – quickly and economically.

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